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The philosophy at SoSchjelde is centered on sustainability, as we produce leather bags and knit accessories from leftover and deadstock leather from a Danish furniture production. The lining is typically made from deadstock fabrics and scrapped pieces from others produktion, only accessories such as zippers, handles, and buckles are new.

Delivery times vary from a few days to a couple of weeks, as most items are produced after the order is placed.

The Design

The design is simple with inspiration from and trends within the Scandinavian design Universe.

In gratin leather, we hand-stitch bags, engrave leather keyring, and every year before Christmas we create a Christmas collection of leather ornaments using scraps from our produktion. Everything is made from scratch and by hand in Denmark.

Best regards, Tine Schjelde

Markets and events

You can meet SoSchjelde at various markets, wool festivals and Christmas fairs during the year.

Next event
29-30 april 2023, Knitting by the Sea, Fåborg

Most of the bags are produced when your order is placed, so there may be up to 2 weeks delivery time, but if there is something urgent, please contact us through the contact form and we will work it out.