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Mini ELLA case for crochet hooks or short knitting needles

480,00 kr.

Mini Ella is the ultimate compact case designed to keep your knitting and crocheting tools organized. With a convenient size of 15x11 cm when folded, Mini Ella offers an ideal solution for anyone who values functionality and getting one's ducks in a row.

Choose between the knitting or crocheting version for a case that precisely fits your needs. The case features 2 wings with 4 pockets and 2 wings with 3 pockets each, providing a total of 14 pockets for crochet hooks or needle tips.

The knitting version is designed with pockets optimally tailored for short needle tips, a pocket height of 6 cm ensures your needle tips won't get lost in the pocket. The crocheting version is adapted with taller pockets specially for crochet hooks, moreover, this version can also be used for long knitting needle tips.

Short needle tips
Til hæklenåle
Til korte pindespidser
Crochet hooks
Crochet hooks
Short needle tips
Crochet hooks
Short needle tips
Add to basket
Dimensions: 15*11 cm, unfolded 15*45 cm

In addition to the 14 pockets, the case includes 4 pockets for small accessories and 1 ring for attaching accessories such as the Gismo gadget purse or stitch markers, safety pins, etc.

With 2 'back pockets', Mini Ella offers even more storage options, perfect for the Gismo purse or the Cirkeline wire case.

Sewn in exquisite surplus leather from a Danish designer furniture production. Variations from the displayed images may occur.

Most of the bags are produced when your order is placed, so there may be up to 2 weeks delivery time, but if there is something urgent, please contact us through the contact form and we will work it out.