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Knitting fish

10 ringe

140,00 kr.

The knit fish is a smart and elegant way to count rounds and needles. It is simple and very lightweight, easy to use with the small leather markers printed with numbers. The knit fish comes in 4 sizes with 4, 6, 8 and 10 rings. The rings are in gilded brass and fit up to needle size 6.5. The knit fish is finished with a marker in genuine leather.

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The color can vary from cognac to dark brown, and the leather markers can vary in shape as they are made of scrap leather and tailored to best suit their use.

A knit fish is smart because it is an efficient and easy way to count rounds and needles. While other methods, such as using a pencil and paper, a mobile app, or a digital or mechanical counter, can also work well, for simple repetitive counting such as 2, 4, 6, or 8, a knit fish is a convenient option. It is easy to remember to count with a knit fish because it sits right on the needle and the ring must be moved from left to right. It is easy to forget to make marks on paper or click a counter, but it is hard to forget to move a ring on a knit fish. It is also an elegant solution that adds to the knitting experience.

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