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Susanna shopper w. cord

Dark Chocolate

850,00 kr.

Shopper bag with a drawstring closure, lining, 5 interior pockets, and a smaller pouch.

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Dimensions: 40 cm × 30 cm × 10 cm

The Susanna Project Bag is a mini-shopper and perfect as a daily bag or knitting bag for your knitting/crochet projects and tools on the go. It is equipped with nice details such as an internal ring and carabiners to attach the Gismo pouch and other accessories. It comes with a Gismo pouch in the same color as the bag, with a hanging function. The lining serves as a closure mechanism via the practical drawstring closure.

It is made of soft, high-quality excess leather from furniture production, and the shoulder straps are made of leather scraps. The lining varies but is generally made of recycled textiles.

Most of the bags are produced when your order is placed, so there may be up to 2 weeks delivery time, but if there is something urgent, please contact us through the contact form and we will work it out.